Frequently Asked Questions

Due to digitalization, marketing is more effective and beneficial when it is done digitally. It will make the target audience aware of your brand and products.

Digital branding mainly focuses on creating awareness and introducing your brand, products, or services to the people. While digital marketing is about creating general awareness and promoting your company in order to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

A website can get relevant traffic by using an accurate set of keywords. After a continuous strategy and frequent monitoring, various keywords are used on your website. Your website appears in the top results if the keywords match the search phrase.

There are millions of users who use social media on a regular basis. Social media marketing helps a company to increase the traffic on their website, ensures brand awareness, and establishes communication with the target audience. Your company can be introduced to many new clients through social media marketing.

In order to promote and develop your brand, you must maintain a good reputation for your brand in the market. This can be best achieved through digital marketing. When you build public relations through digital marketing, people will develop trust for your brand.

It depends on the brand and kind of campaign. We produce all the major types of videos like animated, infographic, promotional, and many more. A real-life video can also be quite useful for brand or product promotion.

We are a team of experienced professionals. In past, we have worked with a wide range of companies and brands. Our digital marketing campaigns have also resulted in the rapid growth of website traffic and sales of start-ups.

It depends on the kind of campaign and digital marketing strategy that we use for your company. In most cases, the brands are able to observe an improvement within a couple of months of starting a digital marketing campaign.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. People widely use and check their emails for updates and notifications. We can directly reach the targeted audience through emails. Apart from that, email marketing is affordable and shows quick results.

Yes! Brands highly rely on marketing for growth, to increase traffic, and to get their brand promoted. After we spend our time and efforts on digital marketing of your brand, you will soon notice sales growth and greater reach.

If you want a good ranking of your website on all the search engines, then you must update your website every two to three years. This will also be beneficial for us in digital marketing campaigns. The websites that updated date and latest information are often trustworthy and reliable. Keywords in the content of your website must also be updated according to the latest search trends.

Our process of digital marketing is completely oriented to the targeted audience. Keywords, email addresses, videos, contents, and everything else is focused on the interests of the audience that would benefit your brand.